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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the law of the land for over 6 years, but the debate over its effectiveness continues. Critics point to three major insurers that have announced that they will be scaling back their participation in state-run exchanges because of unsustainable losses. Proponents of the ACA argue that the uninsured rate has been cut in half to a record low of 8.6% and it continues to trend down. The national discussion does not appear to be cooling anytime soon, and women business owners need to be a part of the dialogue. WE Decide wants to know how the ACA has impacted women entrepreneurs and what changes — if any —  will help your business.



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  • Have you ever contributed to a presidential campaign?
  • Over the course of next year, how do you think our economy will do?
  • How certain are you that Social Security will be there for you when you reach 66, the age to receive full benefits?

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