Join Our Efforts

After seven decades of activism, history was made in 1920 when women finally won the right to vote. As we look ahead to our future, let’s join forces to bring our unique perspectives to the forefront of this election. When you engage in the election through WE Decide 2016, your viewpoints on the issues will be brought directly to the candidates, the media, and the voters. Together, we will ensure that our next President is aware of what we need as women in business.

You can become part of the WE Decide 2016 community by:

  • Opting in to receive WE Decide 2016 alerts on new surveys & polls as well as news from the campaign trail.  You must opt in when you sign in to your personal polling station.
  • Take our surveys and quick polls so that we can add your opinions to our messaging to candidates on top issues.
  • Share the results of our polls and issue surveys with the candidate(s) of your choice via social media or at campaign events.
  • Spread the word via social media to your network of women in business and friends encouraging them to join the WE Decide 2016 community!

As women in business like you, we are greatly inspired by the expression once shared by Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Please join our efforts during this important election season, and sign up to take part in WE Decide 2016.

Sign Up Your Organization

Our mission is to mobilize over 100,000 women in business to participate in WE Decide 2016 and we’re calling on all organizations that have women entrepreneurs as part of their membership or network.

Help us to engage women in business across the country by signing up your organization to be a WE Decide 2016 supporter. Your organization will be listed on our site, receive special communications on WE Decide 2016 activities and news releases, and we will share with you a toolkit to help you promote this important initiative to your network.



DISCLAIMER: WIPP reserves the right to refuse or remove a Supporter without any prior warning, at our complete discretion.  Being a  WE Decide 2016 Supporter does not give an individual or organization the right to impersonate or trade as WIPP or the WE Decide 2016 initiative. If you have any questions about this disclaimer, email